Q: Will your packing make my muffler quieter? A: If your muffler is missing packing, repacking it with a good quality material will normally get it at least as quiet as it was when it was new. This question came from Mike. He wrote: I am looking to repack the baffles on my Bassani exhaust on my Harley, they have 45k on them and have gotten too loud. Will the spec 30 quite them down? The answer is yes. I think there are three parts to the answer: 1) Repacking with our Spec 30 will at least return the muffler to a sound level on par with the original packing. 2) With most systems, repacking with our Spec 30 will reduce the sound output to a level below the original packing when it was new. 3) With some systems, the Spec 30 produces a deeper tone than most other packings. I have to say with "some systems" because every system is designed differently and I don't know which internals your Bassanis have. If the manufacturer used lower grade packing material for their original fitment, points 2 & 3 will hold true in almost all cases. how is the wrap secured to the baffle? The Spec 30 Universal pillow is designed kind of like an envelope with a flap that has a strip of double sided tape on it. As you roll the pillow around the core, it will roll onto the flap and stick to itself holding it in tube form on the core. Once the pillow is in the muffler, the tape, stitches that compress it and layer of fabric which is against the core all burn off after seeing hot gas for the first time. This break-in allows the pillow to grow a little. and will 1 package do both baffles? This depends on the length of the baffles. The pillow in the Universal Spec 30 Kit is 19" long. It's length can be trimmed or it can be cut in half to pack two 9.5" baffles. FYI, we can make the kit in any length you need. I have a few fellow riders that are waiting to see what product I use and they will probably do the same, so I would like to find a good product that will last at least another 45k. Our Spec 30 is made with the most durable material on the market that we are aware of. One way to increase the durability even more is to run a Wool Wrap http://www.bristolcore.com/Bristol_Core_Wrap_p/14287.htm around the core before the packing. Adding the Wool Wrap should double or triple the durability of the Spec 30 packing giving you the longest possible life of anything available. Although they're not on the site yet, we have a 15" and 19" Spec 30 HD (High Durability) Kits that include a wrap with stainless ties and a Spec 30 Pillow. The prices for these packages will be $64.95 and $74.95 respectively. If you determine that your Bassani baffles are shorter than 15", I'd be glad to put a pair of Spec 30 pillows or complete HD kits together for you for you length. What I would recommend is that you measure the packable length of your Bassanis, the core diameter and the diameter of the outer shell, send me those dimensions and I will either recommend/quote an existing kit or a kit for the length you need, whichever is the most cost effective route. Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any additional questions. Thanks again for your interest. Best Regards, Morgan Curtice