Bristol Core
The Sound Of Our Sport

Bristol Core Inc is a leading manufacturer of muffler packing and related components. Founded in 2008, we are focused on manufacturing high quality muffler packing pillows and inserts for both muffler manufacturers and riders.

Our goal is to provide an American made, high performance packing which is easy to install, highly durable and sounds great. With so much pressure on the noise and land use fronts, we believe that keeping mufflers packed is more important than ever. Whether you've got a world championship in your sights, touring the globe or conquering your back yard, we're working to combine the best performing materials with proven, tested designs to keep your muffler packed.

We know that if it wasn't for someone introducing us to riding, we wouldn't be here doing this. Thanks for your interest in our company and products. Keep riding, have fun and be safe!

Morgan Curtice